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Invest in your favourite listed companies like a boss!

How Do You Get Your Share?

Easy. You think about the companies in your world that you use and love; find them right here and upgrade yourself to shareholder status in a matter of clicks. Owning shares means owning a small part of that business, and the amount you choose to invest grows along with it. Because of our rand/ dollar based investing set up, a unique feature that only we offer, this amount can be as little as R5, $10 or whatever amount you have available!

When you first sign up you’ll get some monopoly cash in your demo account to play with while you complete your profile. But that’s not going to make you any real money, so once you’ve had a test drive, get going in your live EasyEquities account – cheap as chips and easy as pie!

Why Shares are the Bid’ness

  • Own a piece of the companies you know and love
    When the company you have invested in grows and makes more profit, its value goes up. When you sell your share in the business, it’s worth more than what you paid for it. You make moolah!
  • Local economy
    Owning shares in homegrown companies means you are helping to boost and grow the local economy.
  • Dividends
    Some companies will give a share of their profits to its shareholders (that’s you!) which can be used to reinvest in the company or be taken as a cash pay-out. Money for nothing!
  • Easy in, easy out
    Most shares are really liquid which means you can buy and sell them easily (and we like easy!).

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