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Google Finance
When making a decision to buy or sell a share, it’s helpful to source as much info as possible. That’s why Google Finance is so beneficial – with its array of graphs and financial data, it’s a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. And, better yet, you have a direct link to it for each equity you invest in. All you need to do is click on the link (newspaper icon) straight from the “Confirm Your Investment” page.
Smart Traders

Need more guidance on what you should be investing in? Our Smart Traders are here to help guide you through your investment journey! Often knowing what to invest in is scary, so follow an expert until you are ready to give your own investment strategy a go!

By tracking their investments and following their insights, you’ll receive first-hand knowledge on opportunities in the market, and more importantly how to look out for them yourself. This can help you develop a strong investment strategy of your own. You’ll also have access to the latest trading news and recommendations via the Smart Traders Feed, all at zero cost to you.

Our Smart Traders consists of Validea (which uses strategies of the world’s top 10 investment gurus for its investment ideas) and the GT PB Trading Desk (which draws from more than 60 years’ combined experience).

Stay up to date with the latest JSE news by keeping track of SENS announcements. These updates will inform you of info relating to specific shares, such as when dividends have been declared or when annual results have been released.
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How does fit in? is an online share trading platform that empowers individuals to take investing into their own hands. Just like EasyEquities, it is also part of Purple Group.

Click here to explore more! recognized a need for education and market insights for their clients who were trading CFD’s and Futures. We realized they needed trusted advisors to assist in making investing decisions therefore Smart Traders was born.