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Here you'll find all the tools available to you to assist you in your investment journey, from research to podcasts and everything in between.

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From how-to’s to whos-whos you’ll find a bunch of interesting and helpful stuff in our collection of blogs. They're packed with education, stories from other EasyVSTRs, info on new features and a whole lot more. 

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Tutorial Time with EasyAcademy

Step by step video tutorials on how to start your investment journey
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Managed Bundles and ETFs

Invest in managed Bundles and chillax, or make use of our ETF portal to do your own research into the hottest ETFs!


Use this nifty managed investment comparison tool to compare performance, risk and ratings for bundles (managed investments) and Unit Trusts - all available on the EasyEquities platform.



Find, compare and invest in all local ETFs by performance, size, risk, asset class, strategy and more, easily. #DYOR and find the right ETF for you, today.


Wikipedia of Investing

The Wiki of Investments

No matter which account or way to invest you might be interested in, our research portal has loads of articles being added all the time, which are available whenever you might need them. These include anything from in-depth stock and ETF research, weekly dividend updates or market updates and trends.

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Loyal Tea - Refer & Earn!

When you spread the Easy word, it's a win:win! You'll be able to get EasyMoney when each person you’ve referred has gone on to invest, and they'll receive R50 to kickstart their investment journey.


Podcasts for on-the-move investors

Easy Does It - A podcast by EasyEquities. Rewind this mixtape of investing made easy by hearing from top financial experts, CEO's, influencers and ordinary South Africans who continue to own the market. No jargon, no complications.



Let Us Help You, Help Yourself

From how-to’s to whos-whos you’ll find a bunch of interesting and helpful stuff in our collection of videos. Our knowledge base is jam packed with answers to all the questions you can think of.