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What can you do

What can you do on EasyEquities

  • Click on a logo and invest in the brands you love!
    You can select the amount you’d like to invest and then click confirm. Through
    Fractional Share Rights your investment is not reliant on one share price.
  • Invest with a 3-in-1 offering.
    When you open an EasyEquities account you receive a standard account, a tax-free account and a demo account...all at once! With a standard account you gain access to 450 listed SA companies and with your tax-free account you gain access to 35 ETFs. Your demo account allows you to test the waters by giving you R100 000 demo money that you can use on the actual markets!
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  • Give the gift that keeps on growing!
    Give EasyEquities vouchers to your family and friends. They’ll thank you later!
Equities are still the best-performing asset class. To create real wealth get on board!
Is it safe?

EasyEquities is a safe and secure investing platform. All you’ll need to do is register and provide us with your FICA information so you can start purchasing equities - a transaction which occurs immediately.

Easy, affordable, secure investing for everyone