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How EasyProperties has made investing easier

EasyProperties fractionalises property ownership the same way EasyEquities has fractionalised share investing. New properties, selected by a panel of experts, are loaded regularly on the platform. You are then able to participate in a property's IPO. This entails submitting an application for as many shares as you like, and when the IPO successfully closes your shares will be issued to you.

You get a share of rent received, after expenses, in the form of quarterly dividends in proportion to how many shares you own.

You can also experience capital gains on your investment and realise returns when the properties are sold at market value after the investment period or via auction.

A simple investment process for any investor regardless of income or net worth

Our platform allows you to invest in property with zero
property management admin and minimal fees

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Properties generate monthly income through rent

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Watch your investments grow alongside your property portfolio

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Earn net rental income through dividends in proportion to how many shares you own. 


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Have the opportunity to enjoy any capital gains on your investment when it gets sold after the 5 - 7 year investment period. 

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