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Account Types

Through our various products and services, you can choose everything from DIY investing, and managed portfolios through to goal-based robo-advice or any combination of these. This ensures that we are capable of catering to the changing needs of all investor types, not just locally but abroad too.


Do it yourself by investing in all listed shares, ETFs and ETNs on the JSE. If managed investments are more your thing, bundles and baskets are available in all Rand based accounts. Open an account and get access to a ZAR account, TFSA and RA accounts enabled at no additional cost.

Transfer funds using our low-cost FX transfer tool, EasyFX. Then invest your Aussie dollars on the ASX in over 600 shares and ETFs.

Invest in the most recognised brands in the world. Transfer funds using EasyFX, or use your offshore funds, and buy hundreds of shares and ETFs listed in the US. 

Using our EasyFX solution, convert your Rands or Dollars or Euros into GBP and get access to the UK markets.

If European markets are more your thing, sign up and invest in some of the most popular Euro stocks and ETFs available.

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