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Signing up for an account will only take you a few minutes with zero paperwork! You'll get an email to let you know that your account has been verified.

Download the app

Take your Easy experience to the next level and download our app via the Google Play or App Store. 

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Fund your account

You can transfer funds into your EasyEquities account via EFT or credit card. Remember to use your unique account number as a reference. This will be displayed to you on the deposits page. 

Transfer funds to different accounts

Easily fund your other wallets by using our inter-account transfer feature. This will move money from your ZAR account into your TFSA, RA or international wallets.

Make your first investment

Select the account you want to invest in and then tap Invest. You can now choose the type of investment you'd like to make (eg: Shares, ETF etc) and the amount you want to invest. Just a few clicks and you're a shareholder!

Start with Tax Free and Low Cost

It can be intimidating knowing where to start, but when you use your tax-free savings account and invest in low-cost instruments like exchange traded funds you're already investing like Buffet.

Start, or continue, your investment journey!

Setting up your account

Getting funds into your account

The in's and out's of investing

Let Us Help You, Help Yourself

Our FAQ portal is jam packed with the answers to any questions you've got. You can also log a ticket here if there's something you need a little more assistance with.