Get zero brokerage when you Thrive

EasyEquities now rewards your loyalty with an engagement program designed to help you grow in your investment journey.

Zero Brokerage on these Thrive50 shares:

We've selected 25 South African and 25 International ETFs that are most popular among the EasyEquities community. These form the Thrive50. From time to time we'll update our Thrive50 to stay in tune with our community trends. 

How to Thrive

1 surprise

The first month's on us!

When you register with EasyEquities you automatically qualify for the Thrive Brokerage Benefit = Zero brokerage on the Thrive50 investments in the month you join.

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Become a Thrivalist

Maintain your benefit into the next month when you are a Purple Group shareholder and achieve that month's Thrive Activity.

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Keep thriving

Each month there will be a new activity to keep you thriving. You’ll need to complete each activity by it's deadline or forfeit your Thrive Brokerage Benefit.

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How do I get back on?

From time to time we'll announce a bonus activity which you can complete to get back onto the Thrive program.

2018 - 2019 Thrive Activity Calendar

Check the calendar below to see what this month's Thrive Activity is. If you're super keen you're welcome to smash future activities early. Just be careful to complete this month's activity before the end of the month to keep Thriving!

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September completed

Invest in an Emperor Asset Managment Bundle

Invest any amount in one of the Emperor managed portfolios in your EasyEquities live account. If you have a bundle already, simply make an additional investment into it.

See how to complete this activity.

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October completed

Refer a friend to EasyEquities

Share the love with your community. Your reference must FICA their EasyEquities account and make their first investment fo it to qualify as a completed referral. They’ll get R50 on us as soon as they’ve FICA’d.

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November completed

Become an investment boff

Level up your investing smarts with by completing our Investing 101 course in the EasyEquities Academy.

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December completed

Give the gift that keeps on growing!

Send someone a voucher for R50 or more. To send a voucher login to your EasyEquities account and follow the easy steps.


January completed

Take our EasyFX solution for a spin!

EasyFX allows you to transfer Rands from your ZAR account into your Dollars in your US Account. Make a transfer to keep Thriving. To get the most value out of your transfer, without fees taking up too much of your spend, take a look at an easy breakdown here.

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February completed

Fall in love with tax free investing!

Make a deposit into your EasyEquities TFSA or your EasyEquities RA to keep Thriving in February. Reached your TFSA annual limit already? #Overachiever. Simply share one piece of EasyEquities TFSA education on Twitter or Facebook, tagging us and using #ThriveTFSA

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March completed

Invest in any of the Thrive50

Our Thrive50 is jam-packed with the Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) that you love – they are the most popular among our Easy community. Invest with any amount into one of these ETFs in your ZAR, TFSA or USD Account to keep your Thrivalist status!

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April completed

It's APP-ril! Download our app to keep Thriving. 

Got our app already? Give us a review so we know how to keep giving you more of the stuff you like, and less of the stuff you don't. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

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May completed

May Day

Set up a regular monthly deposit of funds into your available funds (free cash), a specific share, ETF, basket or bundle of any amount using our Recurring Investment tool and keep this running until 1 June 2020 to keep your Thrivalist status. If you've already got this type of Recurring Investment set up, you don't have to do a thing, just keep it active for the next year.

This is also a bonus activity allowing you to get back onto our Thrive loyalty programme if you've dropped off, so long as you are also a Purple Group shareholder.


June completed

Hey June, Don't be afraid

Our InvestSure insurance product allows you to safeguard your shares against a drop in share price due to management fraud. Insure one of the shares in your portfolio using InvestSure to maintain your Thrivalist status. More on InvestSure and how it works here.


July due soon

Share your Savings Hack

Tell us how you're trimming the fat off of your budget, finding some extra spend to stash or making your side hustle work for you so that you can save and invest even more. Share your Savings Hack with us here.


Got Questions?

We've jam packed out FAQs with all you need to know about how to become a Thrivalist, complete the monthly activities and earn your rewards - we'd like you to have all the support you need.

See our FAQs

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We will not provide you with any investment advice for the purposes of FAIS. Nothing in the Thrive Rules and Thrive Brokerage Benefit Statement constitutes “advice” for the purposes of FAIS. You must rely solely upon your own judgment in all aspects of your membership with Thrive including but not limited to your use of the Thrive Benefits. Your use of and/or trading on the EasyEquities Platform for any purpose contemplated in the Thrive Rules will be governed by the EasyEquities Terms and Conditions and that all trades are made at your own risk. EasyEquities is not liable for any loss, expense or damage which you may suffer, howsoever such loss, expense or damage may arise or be suffered, in respect of your membership with Thrive or use of the Thrive Benefits.

The Thrive Brokerage Benefit is only available in respect of trading on the EasyEquities Platform and/or mobile application. The Thrive Brokerage Benefit is not available through telephone trading and/or trading through direct market access. The Thrive Brokerage Benefit is not available for trading in Bundles (i.e. you must purchase an individual Share and/or ETF which form part of the Thrive50.)

Thrive Rules

Thrive Brokerage Benefit Statement