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Too much choice can drive you crazy, so we’re making it #easy (It’s what we do!)

How do Baskets & Bundles Work?

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to make every. single. decision. Imagine you could count on an expert or someone you think has the smarts to swoop in and pick out a selection of shares at the right amounts so you get just what you’re looking for? Enter: baskets and bundles. They allow you to access a combination of shares chosen by a top investment guy, personality, strategy or theme that matches your personal risk level or investment goals.

What’s your Vibe?

When choosing a basket or bundle that is right for you, it's important to remember that higher risk strategies normally offer higher rewards! This means that the shares that have the potential to give you the biggest returns might also be the riskiest. Whether you want to risk it for the biscuit or keep calm and stay conservative, that’s on you… but we’ve made working that out a little easier with our Riskalyse platform. Give it a whirl!

Are you a Basket Case?


A basket is a bunch of shares with assigned weightings which has been pre-selected by well-known personalities and pros! And like with everything we do we’re keeping things cheap cheap - the only additional cost to you is a teensy basket fee which is shown on your invoices at the end of your transaction. If there’s some stuff in your basket that you don’t want, you can of course take it out. But you can’t put anything else back in or replace what you have taken out with other shares.

If you remove any of the shares in your basket, the weighting will re-adjust so that you still get 100% of the value you have put in. Each share purchased is invoiced individually each lives in your EasyEquities account the same way your other shares do on your account overview page.

Bundles: Invest and Chill

Invest in a collection of shares pre-selected by someone you reckon has the smarts. And then, chillax. Someone else can take it from here. Aside from you being able to remove shares from your bundle at the start, you don’t have to a thing.

While you take it Easy… Your bundle creator will be buying or selling shares in your portfolio, and re-adjusting weightings to keep the risk vs reward balance in check. There’s a small bundle fee which goes to the creator for their skill and because bundles are a bulk transaction, you’ll only be invoiced once for your buy.


Baskets or Bundles: What’s the Difference?

  • Preselected shares
  • Can remove shares but not add
  • Basket fee applies
  • Separate Transactions, separate invoices
  • No share rebalancing
  • Shares live in your account with all other shares
  • Preselected shares
  • Cannot remove or add shares
  • Bundle fee applies
  • One transaction, one invoice
  • Shares sold, bought and rebalanced where creator sees fit
  • Shares tied to the bundle and cannot be sold individually

The Best Baskets and Bundles for Me

Risk Vs Reward

When choosing a basket or bundle that is right for you, it's important to remember that higher risk shares normally offer higher rewards! This means that the shares that have the potential to give you the biggest returns are also the most risky. Invest within the range of risk that makes you feel most comfortable.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The fact that the particular Issuer Security is listed in a Basket does not mean that FWT or the Basket Selector is making any recommendation in relation to those Issuer Securities and/or the Basket, or that the purchase of those Issuer Securities and the Basket is an appropriate investment for you.
  2. The Baskets and the Issuer Securities listed therein are not chosen based on current or perceived future value and neither FWT nor the Basket Selector give any express or implied warranty as to the future performance of the Basket and/or the Issuer Securities listed therein.
  3. You acknowledge that all investment decisions are made solely by you. This means that you make your own choices about investment decisions and even if you rely on information provided on the EasyEquities Platform, we will not be responsible for any losses you suffer because of investments made in the Basket and/or the Issuer Securities listed in the relevant Basket.
  4. You agree and acknowledge that you will rely solely upon your own judgment in all aspects of your trading with us and that all Trades are made at your own risk. You warrant and represent that you will not seek recourse against FWT or any Basket Selector for any claim arising from a change (including a negative depreciation) in the market value of the Issuer Securities listed in any Basket which you may have purchased.
  5. You acknowledge and understand that a Basket Selector may not necessarily be a licensed financial services provider under FAIS. You acknowledge and understand that, by identifying his or her preferred Issuer Securities in a particular Basket list, a Basket Selector does not provide any financial advice or intermediary services as contemplated in FAIS.