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What the ETF?

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Easy. You think about the companies in your world that you use and love; find them right here and upgrade yourself to shareholder status in a matter of clicks. Owning shares means owning a small part of that business, and the amount you choose to invest grows along with it. Because of our rand based investing set up, a unique feature that only we offer, this amount can be as little as R5, $10 or whatever amount you have available to invest with!

When you first sign up you’ll get some monopoly cash in your demo account to play with while you complete your profile. But that’s not going to make you any real money, so once you’ve had a test drive, get going in your live EasyEquities account – cheap as chips and easy as pie!

The Upside of ETFs

  • One Transaction, many shares
  • Your risk is spread
  • Pocket Friendly
  • International Shares - Booya!
  • Easy to Buy, Easy to Sell
  • Transparent Info

And ETNs?

Like ETFs, ETNs are traded like shares on the JSE and also track returns of benchmarks or indices similar to those tracked by ETFs. But get this: ETNs do not actually hold any securities in the benchmark they track. Mind. Blown.

Instead, an issuing bank promises to pay to investors the return reflected by the index’s performance minus their fees. Where an ETF would sometimes reflect a difference in value between its collection of shares and the actual one on the index it tracks (because it’s always buying and selling those shares to match the index which can cause a slight delay), an ETN is guaranteed to match the index exactly. But that guarantee doesn’t come for free (nuh uh!). Banks charge for the fact that they are guaranteeing the returns of the ETN. Technically that makes ETNs riskier than ETFs because if the firm which issued the particular ETN were to go bankrupt, investors might not receive their full investment back. But because an ETF actually contains all of those assets, even if the management firm went bankrupt, the fund investments would still be valuable.

It is important to note that ETNs are not permissible in a tax free savings account because they are not registered as collective investment schemes.

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