EasyEquities is an authorised financial services provider, has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Our mission is to be a respected and recognised financial services provider. Treating our customers fairly is a primary objective of the conceptualisation, creation and launch of the EE platform.

Our TCF policy is structured according to the guidance provided by the Financial Services Board to ensure we consistently deliver fair outcomes to our clients. We take responsibility for EE and all staff providing an enhanced service quality, based on a culture of openness and transparency.

Our building blocks:

Ease of use:

The buying and selling of securities has to be easy and we have created the EasyEquities platform with the following usability measurements in mind:

Learnability: How easy is it for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time they encounter the design?

Efficiency: Once users have learned the design, how quickly can they perform tasks?

Memorability: When users return to the design after a period of not using it, how easily can they re-establish proficiency?

Errors: How many errors do users make, how severe are these errors, and how easily can they recover from the errors?

Satisfaction: How pleasant is it to use the design?

Affordability & cost:

Investing in equities has to be easy on the wallet. EasyEquities has created a structure with the lowest commission, no minimum investment, and no platform or data fees. This has been achieved through sound technical engineering and solid legal structures. Fractional Share Rights (FSRs) gives the owner the rights to a portion of an equity that is less than one full share . The fact that people have the opportunity to acquire the rights to the economic benefits and risks associated with the price movements and dividends of a portion of a share, is an ideal way for people with a small amount of capital to build up a portfolio of stocks.

Educate & guide:

EasyEquities put methods and means in place for those new to investing, to be privy to the best methods on share investing. This is achieved through model portfolio guidance that serves as a reference point for people to learn from, in order to build up their investing confidence. Another aspect relating to this is social trading. This is the means of using social media (such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.) to monitor other (experienced) traders behaviour and movement, and get insights from them on proper and effective trading techniques. This ultimately empowers everyone to learn about trading through social media until they are confident enough to start trading for themselves.

Serve a public interest:

We believe the platform should act as a tool that educates South Africans, particularly the youth, on proper investing techniques and cultivating a culture of good investment behaviour. It is the goal of EasyEquities to create a generation of savers who are empowered through investment education. EasyEquities serves as the vehicle to educate and empower the youth to become confident investors and encourage them to make wise investment choices from a young age that would positively affect their future.

Our mission:

Promote and build a savings and investment culture in South Africa.
A new trophy for our cabinet
Best Broker for the Young Saver -
2014 Investors Monthly
Broker Awards.

Making investing easy for clients is at the core of what we do.

We’ve built our platform for our customers, together with our customers.

202 customer emails responded to and

1069 feedback forms received during our build

And all
before launch!


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We've made account opening easy and seamless.

Select the amount and the frequency at which you’d like to purchase stocks. Make a once-off investment or regular monthly investments.

Choose pre-set amounts of ****, or custom your amounts of up to *** per company.


When setting up an account, we’ll need your personal details and payment information for regulatory reasons.

Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll be provided with log-in details for your EasyEquities account.


All you need to do now is double-check your information, and click to invest!

Now you own a portion of your favourite brands. It’s as easy as that.

Cost transparency.

At EasyEquities we are 100% transparent on transaction costs. All execution costs are broken-down into line items on the transaction invoice, and communicated upfront before the transaction is confirmed.

1. Struggling to understand our T’s and C’s?

We’ve created a one page summary of our T’s and C’s in “simple English” for everyone to understand.

2. don’t know what to trade?

HotStocks, CNBC’s leading financial TV show, makes daily recommendations on key investment opportunities. Due to its expert insights, it has become one of our Smart Traders. There are various ways to follow Hot Stoxx, so whatever your investing style, we have a solution for you! You don’t need to be an expert to invest like one – all you need to do is follow Hot Stoxx, and reap the rewards. If you’d followed Hot Stoxx since inception, you’d have made 97% returns after tax! So don’t delay – get investing!

did you know?

Take a look at our selection of great brands and their holding companies below, which are listed JSE equities. All JSE equities are available for you to trade right away!

Bidvest consists of over 300 companies covering almost every aspect of commercial business in South Africa.
Remgro is an investment holding company that generates income via dividends and interest from a very diverse portfolio of holdings.
Tiger Brands markets products right across the continent and is the leader in food, home and personal care products.
We provide you with tools to make informed investment decisions.
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-Historical Prices
It's all about
user experience:
Only 25% of companies are currently conducting any online user experience testing. We’ve spent over 10,000 man hours (and counting) on perfecting our platform for the user.

We don’t have any post sale barriers.

Complaints procedures are at the bottom of each page.
Feedback and contact forms are easily accessible.
The account withdrawal process is seamless and quick.

Securities transfers to and from EasyEquities is easy, and only requires the customer to complete a one page document.

Your safety is tops! We’re secure

The EasyEquities platform is secured by thawte, using appropriate standards for encryption.
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EasyEquities Platform is owned by First World Trader (Pty) Ltd t/a EasyEquities, an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP number: 22588
EasyEquities is part of the Purple Group, an approved Financial Services Provider, listed on the JSE. FSP number: 46315
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