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EasyCrypto is built to deliver the safest, easiest and most trusted platform to invest in and store all your crypto assets.
Invest fractionally in properties selected by our expert panel. You'll have the opportunity to earn capital gains, and dividends through rental income.
A unique platform created to help you find the best ETF for you! Check out and compare the top performing and most popular ETFs.
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Invest in a collection of shares/funds pre-selected by someone you reckon has the smarts. And then, chillax.

A bundle is an investment portfolio that is owned by an individual investor but looked after/managed by a professional money manager, which they receive a fee for in return. 
ETFs, which are listed on an exchange, allow you to get your hands on a collection of shares and other instruments that follow a market theme. One transaction, exposure to many shares. 
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Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan. Customised investment plans that turn your personal dreams into achievable realities. MrPHY manages your portfolio so you can focus on the fun things in life.
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