Easy, affordable, safe investing for everyone


EasyEquities (EE), a subsidiary of JSE listed Purple Group Limited (PPE), is an online platform which allows anyone to buy shares in the brands and companies they love. For as little as R5, $10 or whatever amount they have available to invest (and with no monthly brokerage fees) newbie and seasoned investors alike can grow their wealth.

EE powered by First World Trader (Pty), as an authorized financial services provider, has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Our mission is to be a respected and recognized financial services provider. Treating our customers fairly is a primary objective of the conceptualization, creation and launch of the platform.

Treating our customers fairly (TCF)

Our TCF policy is structured according to the guidance provided by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority to ensure we consistently deliver fair outcomes to our clients. We take responsibility for EE and all staff providing an enhanced service quality, based on a culture of openness and transparency.

Our Mission

Traditionally there has been a belief that investing is hard. There’s been a tendency to over-complicate the process and charge high fees which has excluded the vast majority of people. In truth it’s not complicated at all. Nor even expensive.

EasyEquities aims to disrupt and remove the barriers to entry in local and international stock markets, making the purchase of shares easy, cheap and fun, and ensuring that anyone can own shares in the companies they love.


We’ve built our platform for our customers, together with our customers.

202 customer emails responded to and 1069 feedback forms received during our build. And all before launch!


Praise received








It’s all about you

We totally get that investing is personal and so we take a lot of cues from you, our customers. We’re focused on delivering an online experience that is easy and engaging, which is why our team is constantly developing new products and services based on your feedback and suggestions. Our platform was built and continues to grow with and for you.


The stuff we’re made of:

We’re easy

You won’t find tricky tech, jargon or complex functionality here. We’ve kept things super simple so that your experience is quick, intuitive and fun.

We’re cheap

We’ve jumped though all the legal and technical hoops to deliver you nice-price investing. No minimums, no monthly fees and the super low commissions. Let’s not forget about Fractional Share Rights, which allow you to invest with whatever amount you can afford. You’re welcome.

We’re educational

Upping your investment know-how or honing your skills is as easy as checking out our blog or FAQs, where we regularly post research, expert opinions and customer stories to help guide you in your journey. We’re also constantly engaging with our community on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube where you can chat to other investors and find helpful videos and tips.

We’ve got common purpose

We dream big and want to see everyone investing. That means rewriting the rules, breaking away from the norm and creating a culture of empowered savers. Who’s with us?

We’re transparent

What you see is what you get. We’re 100% clear on all the costs and fees – your costs will be communicated upfront when you transact and you’ll also be given a breakdown of line items on your transaction invoice. Our cost profile is available to you at any time right here on our website!


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