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It’s never been so #easy to invest

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How it Works

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1 Register - It’s Free

Creating an EasyEquities account is super simple. There are no sign-in or monthly fees.

2 Take your demo account for a spin!

Practice makes profit, so we give you R100,000 in a ZAR demo account and $10,000 in a USD account.

Find the brands you know and love on the Invest Now page. We've also got baskets, bundles and ETFs which give you a whole bunch of pre-selected shares in one shot.

VIDEO: How to buy shares on EasyEquities
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3 Are you ready to get real?

You'll need to complete your profile to activate your live account. You can choose which accounts you'd like to activate:

  • ZAR Equity Account
  • USD Equity Account
  • ZAR Tax-Free Savings Account

You can manage and activate these accounts at any time from within your account settings.

Want to know more about Tax Free Savings? Get the low down here.

4 What the FICA?

FICA sounds like a dirty word, but it's actually just a short name for the law that says we need to verify who you are and where you live.

We like to keep things #easy, so this is the only bit of paper work you'll need to complete. Simply upload a copy of your ID and a utility bill showing your address.

Don't know what documents to use? We've got you covered with this article.

VIDEO: How to FICA your EasyEquities account
VIDEO: How to buy build a diversified portfolio

5 Congrats! You're set to invest

Make a deposit into your live account - you can do an EFT, direct deposit (instant EFT) or use your credit card.

At 64c per R100, Investing has never been Cheaper

To make sure your profits are maximised, we've kept our fees as low as possible - we're the most afforable option on the market.

Read the full ZAR cost profile

Get ahead with our tools and resources

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Read more about the brands you love, and get tips from other users.
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From how-to's to whos-whos you'll find a bunch of interesting and helpful stuff here.
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Our knowledge base is jam packed with answers to all the questions you can think of.