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It’s never been so #easy to invest

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How it Works

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1 Register - It’s Free

Creating an EasyEquities account is super simple. There are no sign-in or monthly fees.

2 Take your demo account for a spin!

Practice makes profit, so we give you R100,000 in a ZAR demo account and $10,000 in a USD account.

Find the brands you know and love on the Invest Now page. We've also got baskets, bundles and ETFs which give you a whole bunch of pre-selected shares in one shot.

VIDEO: How to buy shares on EasyEquities
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3 Are you ready to get real?

You'll need to complete your profile to activate your live account. You can choose which accounts you'd like to activate:

  • ZAR Equity Account
  • USD Equity Account
  • AUD Equity Account
  • ZAR Tax-Free Savings Account
  • RA Account

You can manage and activate these accounts at any time from within your account settings.

Want to know more about Tax Free Savings? Get the low down here.

VIDEO: How to buy build a diversified portfolio

4 Congrats! You're set to invest

Make a deposit into your live account - you can do an EFT or use your credit/debit card.

At 64c per R100, Investing has never been Cheaper

To make sure your profits are maximised, we've kept our fees as low as possible - we're the most afforable option on the market.

Read the full ZAR cost profile

Get ahead with our tools and resources

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Read more about the brands you love, and get tips from other users.
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From how-to's to whos-whos you'll find a bunch of interesting and helpful stuff here.
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Our knowledge base is jam packed with answers to all the questions you can think of.