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Shares as you like them

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Retirement Annuity

Grow your future wealth today


Baskets & Bundles

Shares pre-selected and weighted by a pro or personality



Get in on private placings and initial public offerings



A collection of shares that follow market themes, one time!


Advised Portfolios

Don't know what to invest in, or want to invest towards a goal? Let MrPHY guide you and make sure you are staying on track. 


We've got local and international goodies!

International stocks offer even more diversification and exposure to different types of markets.

This means your wealth creation is backed by different types of economic conditions and alternative commercial successes. Instead of being heavily exposed to the successes and pitfalls of one economy, investing in multiple markets offsets the effects one single economy's ebbs and flows.

You have the choice of investing between emerging and developed markets, where you have the control to strike a balance between the two and mitigate the risks from either one. 


How do I get money into my foreign account?

EasyFX allows you to send your Rands offshore from your EasyEquities ZAR account, and buy stocks denominated in another currency. With special permission to collect and transfer funds in bulk, we convert funds three times a week and then release the funds into your offshore EasyEquities account.

More on International Shares

Shares as you like them

By offering up and selling parts of its ownership, a company is able to use money generated from the sale of those parts to do more, make more and be more than what it is. As the name suggests, those parts that are up for grabs (at a price), are called shares. Or stocks. Or equities. Potayto, potahto.

Our online investment platform allows you to purchase shares at a slice of the price. Literally. You can buy shares in your favourite companies with whatever money you have to spend. This is because we offer fractional share rights, which means you can now buy a part of a share instead of the whole thing.

What is a fractional share? Watch our video.

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“I love EasyEquities, it's really an easy way to start investing. I like how the app is user friendly and how they check up on you *makes me feel important* best decision I've made!!”

Bongiwe Refilwe Mposula

Baskets & Bundles

Too much choice can drive you crazy, so we’re making it #easy (It’s what we do!)

Our baskets and bundles contain shares selected by someone with the smarts: a brand perhaps, or a local personality you really admire, or an accomplished asset manager. We’ve got managed (Bundles) and non-managed (Baskets)solutions for your EasyEquities account as well as your TFSA available from creators like Emperor Asset Management, Alec Hogg, Mark Ingham, Cartesian Capital and Gareth Cliff.

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“I’m trying to diversify my investments so I thought I’d give baskets a shot. I wanted to start using a Tax Free Savings Account but I thought it would be much cooler if I could keep my eye on it. The baskets are really innovative.”


ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Get your hands on a collection of shares that follow market themes, one time!

At a first glance an ETF might look a bit like its distant relative: a unit trust. But unlike its cousin, this sexy little portfolio of different shares, bonds, and other instruments, is single and ready to mingle – it can be traded on stock exchanges (like the JSE) as one instrument. The most common ETF’s are designed to track the performance of a market benchmark or index by mirroring the makeup of that index in a portfolio.

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“I’d been looking for a way to fund my travel dreams and this seemed like a decent shot. ETFs offer exposure to local equities and the Satrix 40 was, at the time, by far the easiest way to have a diversified portfolio with low costs.”


ETFs vs Unit Trusts

The main difference between an ETF and a unit trust is that ETF’s are listed on the stock exchange so you can buy or sell them just like a share.

That means you can see the prices all day and the only cost to you in buying them is the brokerage fee (with EasyEquities that’s a market low of 0.25%, whoop whoop!). In contrast, unit trusts are not listed on the stock exchange and prices can only be set at the end of the day. Unit trust investors also have to dish out an upfront fee of up to 2% and because most unit trusts are actively managed they tend to have higher costs than ETF’s, which passively track their index.


Retirement Annuity

When it’s time to hang up your spurs, you’ll want an income solution in place so that you can keep doing you boo. Setting up a retirement annuity, means your money is invested now so that you can keep your lekker lifestyle, later on in life.

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“Awesome to see EasyEquities have now added retirement annuities to their platform. If you’re not investing with them you are doing investing wrong!”



Want first dibs? Pick me! Companies make IPOs when they are ready to go public and are prepared to give a group of investors a first shot at snapping up their shares. If they qualify, these superfans get the share at its opening price when it first becomes available on the market.

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“Just performed my first IPO on @EasyEquities for the new @CoreShares Global ETFs. Woohoo! So #easy!”


Advised Portfolios

Don’t wonder if your investment and risk preferences will allow you to reach your goals—we calculate your probability and projected growth and build a map to success. We take the best elements of a high-end investing service, strip out the complexity and cost, and provide it to you online. Our automated portfolio management ensures that your goals stay on track.


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