Tax-free Investing

South Africans automatically get a Tax Free Savings Account when you sign up for an EasyEquities account. Invest in a wide range of ETFs and Bundles & Baskets. Done and dusted!

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Let’s talk about tax baby

A Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) is exactly what it sounds like. A way to save without getting taxed on the moolah you make from TFSA investments; including interest, dividends and capital gains. Thank you National Treasury! Use your TFSA to invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Baskets or Bundles with up to R36 000 a year, and a total of R500 000 over a lifetime. Here’s how:


Deposit money into your TFSA

Fund your account using your TFSA account number as a reference.


Browse available investments

Choose from a list of ETFs or selected Bundles or Baskets.


Click to buy

Click on your chosen ETF, Bundle or Basket; enter your investment amount and click “Buy”!

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Move your TFSA over to EasyEquities

Did you know you can transfer your TFSA from your current provider to EasyEquities?
Won’t cost you a thing. Just saying.

I want to transfer my TFSA

The Upside of TFSAs

  • Time is on your side

    Because you pay no tax, your returns are massively compounded over the life of your investment, a big benefit for those with a long investment horizon
  • Global exposure

    Some ETFs that track indices in global markets allowing investors to gain international exposure and add global brands to their portfolio.
  • Diversified funds

    Legislation states that you can only invest in a collective investment scheme like a unit trust and certain Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in your TFSA which means your risk is spread and your portfolio diversified.
  • Cost saving

    On average, the TFSA investor saves around 1% per year compared to alternative investment vehicles. Over a long period, that’s a lot of percent saved!

Not just ETFs but TFSA Bundles and Baskets too

Crème de la crème investing for cheap ala cheap.

Don't know what ETFs to invest in, our TFSA baskets and bundles allow you to access a combination of ETFs chosen by a top investment guy, personality, strategy or theme that matches your personal risk level or investment goals. Choose a managed solution, (Bundles) or a once off collection (Baskets) according to your investing flavour: aggressive, balanced, moderate or conservative.

More on Baskets & Bundles

“I’m trying to diversify my investments so I thought I’d give baskets a shot. I wanted to start using a Tax Free Savings Account but thought it would be much cooler to be able to keep my eye on it. The baskets are really innovative.”


How low can you go?

64c per R100 is how little it will cost you.

Like everything we do, we’re making investing in your TFSA a total cinch, super cheap and lots of fun. We’ve kept our TFSA fees exactly the same as the standard EasyEquities account. Here’s how we measure up to other platforms (in case you were wondering):

     Other platforms
     Competitor 1  Competitor 2  Competitor 3
Monthly Account Cost FREE R40 R450 R60
Minimum Brokerage No Minimums R98 R45 R60
Brokerage Commision ex VAT 0.25% 0.9% 0.5% 0.5%
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Good to Know

If you exceed the annual and lifetime limits, SARS will klap you with penalties - 40% on the excess. Ouch
Luckily EasyEquities will prevent you from over contributing in the TFSA you hold with us, however we can’t monitor TFSA contributions you make elsewhere.
Any amount that you withdraw from your account will count towards your annual and lifetime limit
If you have deposited R 36 000 and withdraw R 15 000 in the same year, you cannot deposit any more funds as you have already used your R 36 000 deposit allocation. It’s all about a deposit limit, so withdraw funds wisely!
Funds deposited into your TFSA account can be transferred from your ZAR account
We can facilitate a transfers between your EasyEquities ZAR account and your EasyEquities TFSA account, this can be done using the transfer functionality within the EasyEquities platform. These transfers contribute towards your annual TFSA limit.