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Why Should I Start Investing?

Every day of our lives we already invest in the brands and products we love when we spend our money with them, so why shouldn’t we start investing in their shares?

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Share Value Increase

When the company you have invested in grows and makes more profit, its value goes up. When you sell your share in the business, it’s worth more than what you paid for it.
You make moolah!

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Dividend Rewards

Some companies will give a share of their profits, called dividends, to its shareholders (that’s you!) which can be used to buy more shares or be taken as a cash pay-out.
Money for nothing!

Start with Tax Free and Low Cost

It can be intimidating knowing where to start, but when you use your tax-free savings account and low cost instruments you're already investing like Buffet.

How Will I Know What to Buy?

Easy. Start with the brands you know and love.

If I’m spending a large chunk of my hard earned money at a store every month, I’m contributing to that company’s bottom line and ultimately sustaining that company’s growth. Doesn’t it then make sense to earn something out of the prosperity of that company?

Why not use your bank statement as your roadmap to your first share portfolio? Read our blog article on this investment strategy

ETFs are low cost and give you instant diversification. Because it contains a collection of companies, it is considered to be less risky and you can buy them in your tax-free saving account. So a good strategy is to invest in an ETF that tracks a market theme, such as the Top 40 or the S&P 500. More on ETF's

Looking to Buy Shares Selected by a Pro or Celebrity?

We get it – too much choice can drive you crazy. That’s why we’ve got a range of solutions lined up to guide you through your share shopping experience.

A very popular choice for new investors are Baskets and Bundles. Our baskets and bundles are collections of shares selected by someone with the smarts: a top investment guy, personality, strategy or theme that matches your personal risk level or investment goals. And like with everything we do we’re keeping things cheap cheap - the only additional cost to you is a teensy basket or bundle fee which goes to the creator for their skill.

We’ve got managed Bundles and non-managed Baskets from creators like Emperor Asset Management, Alec Hogg, Mark Ingham, Cartesian Capital and Gareth Cliff.
Each of our baskets and bundles are given a risk rating, so you can choose the one that fits your appetite. Calculate your risk number here.

Good Things Take Time

A famous investor, Warren Buffett, follows this investment philosophy: Buy wonderful businesses at a fair price with the intention of holding them forever.

When you invest for the long term, we're talking 5 years+, yesterdays dip becomes the future's high. Dips in the price of a solid company can be caused by factors unrelated to the company's performance, such as a sector-wide correction, political fears, rumors or investor panic - just to name a few.
Very few professional investors are able to time the market so that they buy shares at rock bottom prices and sell at their peak. So it is generally thought to reduce risk with a diversified portfolio and invest for longer periods of time so that the day to day highs and lows are smoothed out.
5 Day View (Top 40)
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5 Year View (Top 40)
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