InvestSure helps you #SleepEasy

InvestSure covers investors from loss caused by allegations of management fraud and dishonesty.

Why InvestSure?


A world first product


Protect your wealth


Covers shares listed on the JSE

InvestSure is a world first insurance product that protects investors from losses in share price that are caused by allegations of management fraud or dishonesty. This includes (but is not limited to) protection against losses caused by fines from regulators like the SEC, collusion, bribery, accounting fraud and more.

Why should I insure my shares?

You would insure your house, car and phone, wouldn’t you? Your wealth is no different, and management fraud is one of the most significant risks to a severe loss in share price.

Removing this risk allows you to #SleepEasy, knowing that misbehaviour won’t affect your hard earned wealth. It also allows investors to take more risk when investing, as you can design more concentrated portfolio’s for yourself, knowing a major downside risk has been removed.

Finally, the cost can be easily financed with the dividends you earn!

Recent events that triggered claims

If you want to see all events that InvestSure have covered recently, visit their News Board at

How do I get it, what does it cost?

You can seamlessly insure these shares, for a very low annual cost (60 cents per R100!).

InvestSure is available when purchasing any of the Top120 JSE shares (See the add insurance tick box on the confirmation screen).

You can also insure your existing shares by simply clicking on the share in your “Account overview” and then click “Review Insurance”.

How claims work

When there is news of fraud and this causes a 10% loss in share price, InvestSure will send you an email informing you of the issue and your protection.
For the next 30 days you will be able to sell your shares and your claim will automatically be paid into your account! No need to notify insurance, we have you covered! Simply sell your shares within the claim period.
The claim amount is the difference between the trigger price for the claim event and the price you sell your shares for. For more information visit our FAQ’s page.

Recognition for InvestSure

Top 100 InsurTech in the world
Selected for Startupbootcamp, Hartford, USA
Alphacode and Bank of America 2017 winners of R1 million for startups