invest in the #INVEST Growth and Income Portfolio.
#INVEST Growth and Income Portfolio
Bundle Provider: Cartesian Capital
Published Date: 2016/11/10
Risk Profile: Growth and Income


Growth and Income Risk Score Range: 35 - 70

A risk score in this range represents investors that are comfortable suffering a loss of up to -10% in pursuit of positive returns of up to +16% over a six-month period. This investor is often referred to as a moderate investor.

This portfolio has been compiled by Anthea Gardner, managing director at Cartesian Capital, and endorsed by Gareth Cliff. The investment objective is to offer higher than bank interest rates with minimal exposure to shares. The primary return objective of the portfolio is consistent yield and capital growth. Low volatility and yield make this the ideal medium term investment for investors with a 1 - 3 years investment horizon. Cartesian Capital follows a fundamental bottom-up research process with a macro overlay and consideration of liquidity and volatility.

Bundle fee: 0.95%

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There are no guarantees this targeted return will be earned.

15.00 %
NewFunds MAPPS Protect ETF Instrument Details R 22.57 R 35.00 R 34.64 R 0.00
40.00 %
NewFunds GOVI ETF Instrument Details R 55.44 R 55.80 R 55.37 R 0.00
35.00 %
NewFunds ILBI ETF Instrument Details R 66.24 R 66.91 R 66.24 R 0.00
10.00 %
NewFunds TRACI 3 Month ETF Instrument Details R 21.70 R 21.79 R 21.70 R 0.00
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