Elbrus Capital Preservation Bundle

Bundle Provider: Emperor Asset Management

Available on: EasyEquities Account TFSA Account

About the Manager:

Emperor Asset Management provides a unique range of asset management products including unit trusts, segregated portfolios and hedge funds and now bundles and baskets on the EasyEquities platform. Each of our investment strategies leverages off our unique, quantitative, momentum style approach, which has a track record of benchmark beating returns. Tailored risk and return, real-time access and aligned performance fee structures are some of the characteristics that set us apart. At the heart of everything we do is our pioneering spirit, giving you the opportunity to see more, to learn more, to discover more. Through our approach to asset management, backed by our expertise and proven track record, not only do we find new investment opportunities, we create them.

Income Yield:
Capital Growth:
Investment Risk:
Time Horizon:
> 1 year
Return Objectives:
Capital Preservation
Targeted Return:*
Inflation +1
Risk/Return payoff range:**:
Investors that are comfortable suffering a loss of up to - 4% in pursuit of positive returns of up to +10% over a 6-month period.

Asset Allocation:

Is this bundle for you?

  1. You are risk averse and want to prioritise protecting your capital.
  2. You are ideally investing for at least 1 year.
  3. You want to achieve returns better than inflation, but are comfortable with lower potential return over time than you might earn in an investment that takes on more risk.
  4. You are comfortable with a small amount of market fluctuation within.
Our investment bundles are suitable for various investment goals
The Elbrus bundle could be great for investing for a rainy day.
Monthly Contributions of R500pm which will equal to total contribitions of R12,000.00
Start of goal
R500 pm
Investment goal
R10 000
2 Years
Value after investment period
Total gains: R915.42 calculated at 7% returns p/a
*This is for illustration purposes only and returns are not guaranteed. The investment performance is calculated by taking the actual initial fees and all ongoing fees into account for the amount shown; and income is reinvested.

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Elbrus Capital Preservation Bundle
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