Everest Aggressive Bundle

Bundle Provider: Emperor Asset Management

Available on: EasyEquities Account TFSA Account

Risk score range: 75 - 99

A risk score in this range represents investors that are comfortable suffering a loss of up to -18% in pursuit of positive returns of up to +27% over a six-month period. This investor is often referred to as an aggressive investor.

Investment strategies that satisfy this group are focused on capital appreciation as a primary investment objective, rather than income preservation. As such aggressive portfolios are biased towards investing in assets with a higher degree of uncertainty of returns in the pursuit of greater returns.  This approach is suitable for those investors that are very comfortable with enduring large short-term losses of their capital in pursuit of the desired long terms returns. Typically, these are young investors with a very long time horizons and higher risk scores. However, aggressive portfolios also serve those that have not invested appropriately for their retirement and now have little option but to take substantially more investment risk.

This is achieved through asset allocation and then by identifying the best performing qualifying assets capable of delivering the return objectives of the investor with a 95% probability of staying within the investors comfort zone. E.g. the average investor for this group is represented by a risk score of 80.

Available on: EasyEquities and TFSA accounts

Bundle Fee: 1%

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Portfolios with this risk number are targeting an annual return of inflation +8.84% or approximately +14.84%

There are no guarantees this targeted return will be earned.

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Everest Aggressive Bundle
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