Advicement Conservative Bundle

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Available on: EasyEquities Account TFSA Account

Risk Profile: The conservative approach means your investment will avoid most stock market fluctuations and forego most of the upside/downside.

Recommended Investment Term: 0 - 2 Years

Benchmark: Average Return of a Fund in the South African Multi-Asset Low Equity Category

Investment Methodology: Advicement Bundles are engineered using quantitative technologies that enable the manager to focus on the investment objective without introducing cognitive biases or compromising the investment objective with concerns about anticipating future market performance. The Conservative Bundle includes constraints commensurate with the constraints of funds in the ASISA South African Multi-Asset Low Equity Category in order to allow the Bundle to maintain its conservative profile. The Advicement Bundle comprises of ETFs in order to maintain a low cost profile. The low cost of the underlying instruments together with the use of sophisticated diversification techniques, allows the Advicement Bundle to pass performance benefits to investors.

Investment Objective: The Advicement Conservative Bundle objective is to achieve similar returns compared to that of the average fund in the ASISA South African Multi-Asset Low Equity Category.

Annual Management Fee: 1.00%

For additional information or to see if this bundle is appropriate for you, please visit the Advicement Website.

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Advicement Conservative Bundle
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